‘utterly delightful’,

Barry Maz, Got a Ukulele, July 2017 ( To read the full review click on the link in red)



‘[Dave’s] ukes are impeccably built, light, and sound amazing.

Lesley Fowkes Life’s a Ukafrolic, November 2015.




‘a beautifully built and finished instrument’,

Barry Maz, Got Ukulele, August 2015  (To see the full review click on the the link.)


‘Phil Doleman brought round a DJ Morgan soprano ukulele for me to have a look at today. The main thing I got from it was that it was one of the nicest ukes I’ve ever played, and it wasn’t leaving my house. Reader, I bought it.’

Ian Emmerson, June 2015




Below are links to a selection of videos by my talented customers.


Samantha Muir with her DJ Morgan 5 String Tenor.


Paul Culkin performing his original songs on his DJ Morgan Concert ukulele.



Lesley Fowkes performing with her DJ Morgan Soprano.


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