DJ Morgan Mini Pineapple Ukuleles

I originally built the Mini Pineapples as a special for my stall at the 2016 Ukulele Festival of Great Britain, however due to the amount of interest they received I decided to build them on a more regular basis. This year I changed the design of the Mini Pineapple to include a side sound port. The scale length remains the same at  11 5/8 inches (295mm), which is 2 inches shorter than a standard soprano, with an overall length of 18 inches.  The tuning is standard gCEA, using standard soprano string sets.

Although initially I built these ukuleles from North American sustainable timbers, I have now included tropical hardwoods.  I build small batches of the Mini Pineapples in a variety of different woods that are readily available.  The necks will be made from Sapele, Cedrela or Tulip wood depending on the colour of the woods used on the body.  There will be no difference in price whatever combination of woods I decide to use.

I do not have any mini pineapples available for sale at present, however there will be some available very soon.  When finished they will be posted on Facebook and here on the website.


Price: £185.00 including mainland UK delivery.


As reviewed by Got a Ukulele.